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Best Creative Jobs With Salaries

Although many jobs offer some opportunity to be creative, some jobs offer a relatively higher scope to use creative ideas in performing your regular duties. Such creative jobs mostly relate to the areas of design, arts, multimedia and communications. This article will show you a wide variety of creative jobs that pay well.

Best creative jobs with salaries

While all jobs provide some opportunities to be creative, there are some jobs that are inherently more creative than others. Many of these higher-paying creative jobs include some element of visual or graphic design. 

Here are some of the best creative jobs along with their average salaries:

Video Game Designer

National Average Salary: $10.76 per hour

Primary Duties: A video game designer is responsible for developing concepts for new games. They create characters, animations, storylines and difficulty levels for video games. Video game designers also coordinate with game developers to help them program the designed games for consumer use.


National Average Salary: $11.23 per hour

Primary Duties: An actor portrays various characters in movies, dramas and other performances. They learn the script and research their roles in order to depict the appearances and gestures of the characters they play in an authentic manner.

Floral Designer

National Average Salary: $13.84 per hour

Primary Duties: A floral designer arranges flowers in an artistic manner for weddings, parties and special events. They make bouquets, wreaths and other decorations using real and artificial flowers. They are required to understand and fulfill the vision of their clients with respect to the given event or occasion.


National Average Salary$14.41 per hour

Primary Duties: A photographer takes pictures for various events and purposes according to the requirements of their market and customers. They may specialize in different types of photography, such as business, wedding, wildlife, sports, fashion and architecture. A photographer also edits and retouches photographs.

Fashion Designer

National Average Salary$16.17 per hour

Primary Duties: A fashion designer designs clothes, costumes and accessories. They may work independently to design exclusive pieces, or work in a team to develop designs for mass production. Their regular duties include analyzing fashion trends, making sketches, developing patterns, choosing fabrics and coordinating with the production team.

Graphic Designer

National Average Salary$17.71 per hour

Primary Duties: A graphic designer designs websites, brochures, flyers and other products using visual media. They are responsible for gathering information, planning concepts and preparing the final layout. A graphic designer may also be required to coordinate outside agencies, such as printing presses and art services.

Technical Writer

National Average Salary$20.02 per hour

Primary Duties: A technical writer prepares user manuals and software documentation. They convey complex technical information in a simple, easy-to-understand manner using graphs, diagrams and other visual techniques. Duties of a technical writer include studying product samples, coordinating with developers and designers and maintaining information architecture.


National Average Salary$23.47 per hour

Primary Duties: A sculptor works with marble, clay, stone, metal and other materials to create statues and three-dimensional objects. They carve, mold, chisel, shape and use various other tools and techniques to model aesthetically pleasing objects. They may also coordinate with galleries and trade shows to showcase their work.


National Average Salary$24.68 per hour

Primary Duties: A videographer records and edits videos. They may shoot weddings, functions and other live events or create marketing and training videos for businesses. A videographer also integrates music and special effects into a video.

Makeup Artist

National Average Salary$31.43 per hour

Primary Duties: A makeup artist applies makeup to enhance a client’s appearance, for instance, in weddings or other formal occasions. They may also work in the entertainment industry to transform the look of actors and celebrities into the characters they are portraying.


National Average Salary$42,479 per year

Primary Duties: A jeweler designs and creates rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry by using gold, silver, diamond and other materials. Their duties include cleaning, polishing, repairing and appraising jewelry. They also examine the grade and purity of precious metals and stones.


National Average Salary$43,782 per year

Primary Duties: An illustrator uses hand-drawing or digital media to design artwork based on a given concept or idea. Their job responsibilities include editing images using computer software, adding perspective to designs and collaborating with editors and clients to understand their design requirements.


National Average Salary$51,665 per year

Primary Duties: A copywriter develops advertising, marketing and other content for websites, emails and brochures. They are responsible for creating slogans, ads and content that accompanies visual elements. Copywriters work closely with the creative team to brainstorm ideas, discuss the target audience and understand the production requirements.

Tattoo Artist

National Average Salary$52,183 per year

Primary Duties: A tattoo artist applies artistic designs and images onto people’s bodies by injecting pigments under the skin. They are responsible for sterilizing their needle and other tools, disinfecting the body area being tattooed and educating clients on caring for their tattoo to avoid infection.

Interior Designer

National Average Salary$58,543 per year

Primary Duties: An interior designer enhances the interiors of residential and commercial spaces based on the preferences of their clients. They prepare design plans, estimate costs, set timelines, source materials and supervise interior design projects.

Marketing Manager

National Average Salary$62,412 per year

Primary Duties: A marketing manager is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies and plans to increase sales. They analyze the market, develop pricing and promotion strategies and build partnerships with other agencies of the industry.

Industrial Designer

National Average Salary$62,845 per year

Primary Duties: An industrial designer is responsible for designing home appliances, cars, furniture, packaging and other products being manufactured by a company. They understand the requirements of the marketing team and study the usability of the product to develop computer models and prototypes for manufacturing the product.

Web Developer

National Average Salary$72,057 per year

Primary Duties: A web developer creates and modifies websites. They analyze required functionalities, develop the technical framework and design the user interface. They also integrate databases, test for efficiency and document the content requirements of a website.

Art Director

National Average Salary$72,297 per year

Primary Duties: An art director works with the production and creative teams to ensure that an advertisement, packaging, game or movie is visually appealing. They provide guidance to photographers, graphic designers and other creative professionals.

Advertising Director

National Average Salary$85,862 per year

Primary Duties: An advertising director plans and oversees advertising policies and campaigns of a company. They are responsible for growing the market share of the company by running integrated promotional campaigns. They supervise, guide and motivate copywriters and graphic designers.

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