Best Computer Science Jobs With Salaries

Obtaining a degree in computer science will open up a wide range of career options. Computer science majors need to understand programs and systems and how to trouble-shoot problems. They often learn several different coding languages, but must also know how to communicate technical information to others who are not technically proficient. Given the rapid rate of change in the technological landscape, they must also be interested in and willing to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Computers and technology touch many aspects of our lives today, and that means there are a wide variety of jobs. In this article, you can review some of the many career options available for Computer science majors.

Best computer science jobs

You can consider these jobs in the computer science field:

Video game designer

National Average Salary: $11.46 per hour

Primary Duties: Video Game Designers are responsible for developing games for video game systems, mobile devices, computers or websites. They typically contribute to creating plots and devising other details for games, writing code and organizing ideas and plot by flowcharts, as well as testing and revising video games. They need to be organized and good at problem-solving, but also excited about creating user-friendly interactive experiences. Video game designers also tend to excel when they have artistic skills and can build strong portfolios. In addition to a computer science degree, some candidates earn certifications or credentials in related software or coding languages.

IT support

National Average Salary: $19.98 per hour

Primary Duties: IT support workers are responsible for providing technical support across the company. They need to maintain and monitor a company’s computer networks and systems, diagnose problems and work to solve issues in person or over the phone. The IT support team also installs and configures hardware and software, tests new technology, sets up new accounts for users and responds in a timely manner to service requests. Because of the nature of their responsibilities, some IT support teams work unconventional hours or in shifts.

Network administrator

National Average Salary: $69,788 per year

Primary Duties: In addition to IT support, most companies also employ network administrators to ensure that their technology and software is properly updated and functioning well. While IT support is usually responsible for day-to-day user issues, network administrators oversee all of the company’s technology and are responsible for dealing with major issues. In addition to a degree in computer science, many network administrators earn a network administrator degree or special certifications to work with specific types of software or hardware.

Web developer

National Average Salary: $70,798 per year

Primary Duties: Web developers engage in a specialized kind of computer programming, focused specifically on designing websites and web apps. While web designers usually deal with the front-end of a site, and are more concerned with user experience, web developers focus on the back-end, or code that creates and informs the site’s functions. Web developers can work on a freelance basis or for a consulting company, but some companies also employ in-house web design teams in the marketing or IT departments.

Computer engineer

National Average Salary: $83,159 per year

Primary Duties: Computer engineers develop, design and test the hardware components of computers, such as routers, memory devices or circuit boards. Computer engineers must be proficient in the technology they work on and have the creativity to design new hardware. They must also be willing to perform comprehensive tests of systems repeatedly to ensure that they work properly. Computer engineers are often skilled in several computer programming languages as well and may earn certifications in programming in addition to their computer science degree.

Information systems manager

National Average Salary: $86,866 per year

Primary Duties: Information systems managers are typically responsible for overseeing the IT departments within a company or organization. Their day-to-day responsibilities, therefore, depend on the nature of the company. For example, they may engage in more IT support tasks in a smaller company with fewer IT employees; but at a larger company, they may focus on playing a managerial role. In addition to technical skills, information systems managers must have well-honed communication, managerial and decision-making skills. Most information systems managers have a master’s degree in a related field, and also keep up with specialized competencies via certifications and higher education courses.

IT security specialist

National Average Salary: $117,862 per year

Primary Duties: IT security specialists are responsible for keeping websites and computer systems safe from cyber attacks and other forms of security breaches. They, therefore, need to stay updated on the latest research and trends in data security in order to prevent issues from emerging. IT security specialists are responsible for developing effective strategies to ensure the operational security of the company’s systems, including by designing security audits and conducting routine administration and updates. They need to have strong skills in computer science, as well as problem-solving and research skills, and the ability to anticipate and prevent issues and repair security systems.

Data engineer

National Average Salary: $128,544 per year

Primary Duties: Data engineers are the professionals who design and work with ‘big data’ infrastructure. They have training and experience in software engineering and are responsible for building and maintaining large and complicated databases, in addition to large data-processing systems. Data engineers are typically members of a larger engineering or analytic team and are comfortable working in collaborative, team-driven environments. In addition to general computer science skills, data engineers usually have a thorough knowledge of query and database-maintenance skills.