Best Communications Degree Jobs With Salaries

Because a degree in communications prepares students to share information with audiences effectively, with specific business goals in mind, communications majors are highly valuable employees. Strong communication skills are highly sought-after, as is the ability to think critically, research and analyze information, and problem-solve. Finding a job that fits your interests and values can take some time and research. In this article, you can learn what a communications degree is and discover the best jobs for this field, as well as primary duties and salary information for each role.

What is a communications degree?

A communications degree teaches students to communicate effectively. These skills are important in every industry, whether you’re selling products, maintaining relationships with clients or investors, or managing online marketing campaigns. Communication skills are necessary for presenting a company and its products or services in the best way. 

A communications degree is a standard choice by students who are interested in a career in marketing, public relations, broadcasting or journalism. Because strong communication skills are highly valued by businesses, a four-year degree in communications can prepare students for a wide variety of industries.

Some of the top industries with jobs in communications include:

  • Business
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Legal
  • Teaching

Best jobs for communication degrees

Here are some of the best jobs for students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communications:

Marketing coordinator

National Average Salary: $44, 225 per year

Primary Duties: A marketing coordinator is responsible for promoting products and services by developing and conducting marketing and advertising campaigns. They track sales data, maintain promotional materials, attend planning meetings and trade shows, and prepare reports. 

High school teacher

National Average Salary: $47,424 per year

Primary Duties: High school teachers prepare and teach lessons and skills that students will need after high school, whether they continue on to college or enter the job market. Most high school teachers specialize in one area. High school teachers with communications degrees may teach English, drama or media classes. Some of their primary responsibilities include planning lessons, assessing students to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses and abilities, and grading assignments to monitor progress. They work individually with students to improve their abilities, and they communicate with parents regarding students’ progress.

Social media manager

National Average Salary: $47,688 per year

Primary Duties: Social media managers develop and implement marketing campaigns that reach a company’s target audience via social media networks. They usually create, curate and manage all public content, including images, video and written and audio content. They also monitor, listen and respond to other social media users while also cultivating leads and sales. They may also be responsible for designing, setting up and managing social media advertising campaigns. They compile regular reports for management demonstrating the results they are achieving through their social media efforts.

Media planner

National Average Salary: $53,973 per year

Primary Duties: Media planners are responsible for planning advertising campaigns and for selecting the media platforms that will be most effective in reaching a specific audience. They are responsible producing both financial and media plans and forecasts. They often work directly with clients, analyzing data and thinking creatively to develop innovative strategies to help the campaigns reach the audience in the most effective way possible. 

Public relations manager

National Average Salary$54,060 per year

Primary Duties: A public relations manager plans publicity strategies and campaigns, researches, writes and distributes press releases and organizes events. They’re responsible for planning and overseeing the creation of material that will either enhance or maintain the public image of a client or employer.

Corporate recruiter

National Average Salary: $56,184 per year

Primary Duties: Corporate recruiters are responsible for managing the recruiting strategies for an entire company. They write job descriptions, screen resumes, interview the top potential candidates, extend job offers and even implement onboarding strategies. They are also responsible for maintaining accurate records of all candidates and newly hired employees. 

Sales representative

National Average Salary: $59,831 per year

Primary Duties: A sales representative sells products to businesses, organizations and government agencies. They play a critical role as they are responsible for promoting and marketing goods. In addition to presenting potential customers with strong arguments for why a product will benefit their business, they also perform cost-benefit analyses of both current and potential customers and nurture business relationships to ensure future sales.


National Average Salary: $70,500 per year

Primary Duties: Lawyers provide legal advice for individuals and businesses and advocate for their interests and rights. Lawyers conduct research and analyze legal problems, they represent clients in court, in private legal matters and before government agencies and they interpret laws for individuals and businesses. They also prepare legal documents such as wills, contracts, lawsuits and appeals.

Director of marketing

National Average Salary: $80,820 per year

Primary Duties: Marketing directors are responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns for organizations. They look at industry trends and continually reevaluate marketing tools to help organizations stay competitive in their markets. They analyze target audiences, identify the best strategies for reaching the audience and create buzz through advertising and other campaigns. They also develop a sales strategy to convince potential customers to buy.

Director of human resources

National Average Salary:$95,117 per year

Primary Duties: Directors of human resources (HR), are responsible for monitoring an organization’s HR systems, ensuring the company is compliant with regulations, handling employee relations, managing budgets and assessing staffing needs. They also oversee the process of hiring employees and often design employee onboarding or training programs as well as develop compensation plans.