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Jobs in the medical industry vary greatly, from administrative jobs to technical careers to clinical positions. HIn this article, learn more about working in the medical field and discover some of the best positions to pursue in the healthcare industry as well as the salary and duties for each.

What does it mean to work in the medical field?

Here are a few of the major sectors within the medical field:

  • Administration. Healthcare administration refers to any services that directly relate to the management of a medical facility and the information held within this facility.
  • Clinical. The clinical field of healthcare is the most popularly recognized medical sector and refers to the doctors, nurses, physicians assistants and other professionals who see to the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions.
  • Public health. This sector of healthcare refers to the health of the community at large. Common careers in this field include epidemiologists, biostatisticians and environmental health scientists.
  • Pharmaceutical. This medical field is concerned with the development, testing and distribution of medications and other solutions that are used for medical purposes.

Any job in these areas or other healthcare-related field is a position in the medical field. Jobs in the medical industry require varying degrees of education, experience and expertise, so knowing the requirements for a position is an important first step to pursuing a career in the medical field.

Best jobs in the medical field

Here are a few of the most popular jobs in the medical field as well as their corresponding salaries:

Home Health Aide

National Average Salary: $25,272 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Home Health Aides provide home-based care for individuals who need assistance with daily tasks including getting dressed, taking medications and bathing. Some Home Health Aides may live with the patient full-time.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

National Average Salary: $31,699 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Emergency Medical Technicians are part of the first-response team dispatched to places where a medical emergency has taken place. Common events EMTs respond to include injuries and accidents. These medical professionals may work as part of an ambulatory team, in emergency rooms or in fire departments.

Medical Assistant

National Average Salary: $31,720 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: A Medical Assistant is a medical professional who works in a hospital or physician’s office and is responsible for administrative tasks. Medical Assistants may schedule appointments, follow up with patients, organize patient records and answer phones.

Dental Assistant

National Average Salary: $36,837 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: A Dental Assistant works in a dentist’s office and is responsible for a number of office-related tasks such as answering phones and keeping track of patient records. A Dental Assistant may also prepare patients for dental cleanings and other basic preparations.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

National Average Salary: $50,336 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Licensed Practical Nurses provide basic medical care to patients in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics. They may perform tasks such as checking vital signs, taking blood samples and giving patients medicine.


National Average Salary: $69,805 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: A Dietitian is a medical professional who helps people better understand their dietary needs and assists in weight loss, the management of medical conditions and other healthcare needs through dietary planning. Dietitians may work in medical facilities as well as private practices and fitness-related locations.

Occupational Therapist

National Average Salary: $81,500 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: An Occupational Therapist is a person who assists patients in the recovery process following surgery or injuries or in the management of disability. They focus on movement-related exercises and may work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools or other healthcare facilities as well as in the homes of patients.

Physical Therapist

National Average Salary: $83,964 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Physical Therapists assist in patient recovery following illness, injury or surgery by using exercises to work patients’ muscles or otherwise strengthen affected areas. Many Physical Therapists work in a physical therapy clinic or facility but some may work in hospitals, private practices or in the homes of patients.

Occupational Health and Safety Manager

National Average Salary: $98,733 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: These medical professionals are responsible for ensuring the health and safety within a company or organization’s work environment. They may inspect the location for potential safety hazards, analyze current safety measures and suggest ways in which the company can further prevent workplace injuries.

Physician Assistant

National Average Salary: $105,062 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: A Physician Assistant is a healthcare professional who practices medicine under the supervision of a physician. They may specialize in a particular medical field such as pediatrics or psychiatry or they may provide general medical care. Physician Assistants have the capacity to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications to patients.

Nurse Practitioner

National Average Salary: $113,250 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Nurse Practitioners share many of the abilities and responsibilities of physicians and in some states are able to work without the supervision of a doctor. These professionals can prescribe medication and diagnose and treat medical conditions. They may also be able to perform minor surgery on patients.


National Average Salary: $116,281 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: A Pharmacist is responsible for overseeing the dispensing of prescription medication to patients. They may work in hospitals, pharmacies or drug stores and provide advice related to patient medication use. They also make sure patients are not taking medications that interact negatively with each other or that will harm the patient based on their medical history and conditions.


National Average Salary: $201,724 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Physicians are medical doctors who diagnose and treat patient medical conditions. They may specialize in a certain area of medicine such as family care or dermatology or they may work in general medicine. Physicians can work in a number of locations including hospitals and private practices.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for jobs in the medical field

While every job is different, here is a list of popular skills and qualifications you can list on your resume when applying for jobs in the medical field:

Interpersonal skills

Because individuals in the medical field often work directly with patients and other medical professionals, having strong interpersonal skills is required to be successful in this industry.

Communication skills

Medical professionals must communicate important health-related information to patients and other members of a medical team. As a result, individuals in the medical field should be able to effectively communicate both verbally and nonverbally.

Teamwork skills

Many people in the medical field work as part of a team to provide comprehensive medical care to patients. For example, EMTs often work as a team of two or more when responding to emergency calls and then must also coordinate with police officers, the fire department, doctors and others to ensure the patients’ condition is understood and properly seen to. Having good teamwork skills is often essential to being an effective medical professional.

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