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How to Take Meeting Minutes With Examples

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Meetings are often set up for strategic planning and task delegation purposes. It is important to know how to take minutes correctly as it becomes a legal document. The following article will help you make a plan for taking notes to be organized before, during and after the meeting.

What are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes are accurate records of a company’s business meetings. Those who are not able to attend can refer back to what discussions they missed. The head of an organization often appoints one person to take minutes. It is crucial to have them promptly signed by the secretary. 

How to take minutes at a meeting 

Here are the steps to write a meeting minute: 

1. First, prepare before the meeting starts

First, make sure you understand the Rules of Order, as well as the template. Follow the agenda that outlines the whole meeting. 

2. Second, pay attention while at the meeting

List who attends so you know if the quorum is met. Make sure you know the time that the meeting starts and ends. Write the place of the meeting and the name of the head speaker. Note what the attendees say. Observe and know who makes any motions and describe what they are about, Keep track of the vote results. If there were any amends, make note of that too. 

In times where the meeting is based on oral presentations, a summary will suffice. The speaker may likely do a reading and therefore, the title, name of the reader or the author are important. There are usually updates to information being shared, so be attentive to the latest news to be a more effective writer. 

If there were motions in the last meeting, write the name of the speakers and any amends made in the past, as well as in the later stages. You have to be on the lookout on what the objection is, the argument and the head of the committee’s answer. For long statements, write small descriptions and summarize the arguments, as well as the main points.

Listen to the head when they call out the time of the future meeting. This is the chance to capitulate what actions there were, what needs to be taken care of and what the next actions are. 

3. Third, transcribe after the meeting

Third, take the audio recorder and be ready for transcription. Get a copy and send copies to members. 

Write the person responsible for the meeting, as well as your name. The company and committee’s title are placed on the top. Mention if it is a weekly, monthly or annual meeting. 

Place each ruling and motion in separate paragraphs. Check that you have written everything in detail.                                                               Prepare to give a speech about it in the next meeting to determine if the minutes are accepted. 

Template for recording meeting minutes

A record is structured. Begin by noting the opening of the meeting until ending with the approval signature. 

Use the following template: 

[Company name]
Meeting Minutes


The weekly meeting of the [Company name] was called to order at [time] on [date] in [location] by [facilitator].

[Name], Facilitator
[Name], Secretary
[Name], Other members, associates    


[Name], Member 

Approval of Agenda      

The agenda was [approved or disapproved]
[Approval or Disapproval] of Minutes
The minutes of the last meeting was [approved or disapproved]

Business from the previous meeting 

[Type of theme] Committee Report 

The [type of theme] for [year] has been finalized and was submitted to [name], who led the committee. Members [action] and the head of the committee [action]. The modification of [period of time] [type of theme] was associated with [what occurred]. The motion of this modification was [approved or disapproved]. 

[Type of theme] 

[Name] has been [action]. [Name] realized there were [what they found out] and proposed to ask for [how they planned to solve a problem]. [Who] motion for [action] was [approved or disapproved]. 

[Type of theme]
[Type of plan]

Determined to [future action] for the next meeting as [Name] [action]. 

Additions to the Agenda 

[Name] made a motion that [task] be taken into consideration. [Name] proposed [against it or for it], stating that there were [Second person’s support]. [Name] seconded [Name]’s motion and it was [approved or denied]. 

Agenda for Next Meeting 

[Type of agenda]


Meeting was adjourned at [time] by [facilitator]. The next meeting will be at [time]. on [date] in the [location]. 

Minutes Submitted By: [Name] 

Approved By: [Name] 

Example format for recording meeting minutes

There are many formats meeting minutes can have. 

Here is an example to use: 

Milk Association of Dakota
Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2018 


The weekly meeting of the Milk Association of Dakota was called to order at 6:00 PM on April 21, 2018 in The Groove by Sally Moore. 

Sally Moore, Facilitator
Bob Lee, Secretary
Carl James, Board Member
Monica Stefani, Board Member
Noel Wu, Board Member
Noah Berger, Executive Director
Melisa O’Connor, Research Scientist


Clark Smith, Sales Manager
Melinda Velasquez, Vice President 

Approval of Agenda 

The agenda was approved 

Approval of Minutes 

The minutes of the last meeting was approved 

Business from the previous meeting 

Budget Committee Report 

The budget for 2018 has been finalized and was submitted to Megan Green, who led the committee. Members asked questions every few minutes and the head of the committee paraphrased the story of the latest news bulletin about cows. The modification of last year’s budget was associated with increased expenses on farm tools and equipment. The motion of this modification was approved. 

Lactose intolerance research 

Melisa has been researching on the milk’s impact on the community in regards to their diet. She realized there were too many funds needed from investors for dairy experiments and proposed to ask for short-term funding by reducing funds at 60%. Her motion for effective spending and time management was approved. 

New Business 

Marketing Plan for Milk Cartons 

Determined to discuss for the next meeting as Clark Smith did not attend the current meeting. 

Additions to the Agenda

Noel Wu made a motion that research on milk distribution be taken into consideration. Monica Stefani proposed against it, stating that there were not enough available funds for it. Carl James seconded Monica’s motion and it was denied. 

Agenda For Next Meeting 

Milk Cartons 


Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 P.M. by Sally Moore. The next meeting will be at 1:00 P.M. on June 22, 2018, in The Groove 

Minutes Submitted By: Bob Lee 

Approved by: Noah Berger