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Fun Work Outings to Support Team Building

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Fun work outings are becoming an important part of creating a positive company culture and providing employees with opportunities to spend time together in a social setting. Getting to know your coworkers can help you work better as a team. This article shares a variety of fun ideas that are popular for work outings that build teamwork and boost morale within the workplace.

Outings for small groups

Here are some work outings that allow small groups of coworkers to bond over shared experiences by taking part in activities:


Going bowling with your team is a low-stakes activity that many different people will be able to participate in. Most people are familiar with how to bowl, and bowling alleys usually include many different entertainment options for people who are not interested in bowling such as arcade rooms or other games. Bowling allows plenty of downtime for coworkers to chat and get to know one another.


Go-karting is a fun activity for a small group of people who are interested in something more thrilling for their outing. Coworkers can bond through the shared excitement of racing and have a structured activity to keep everyone engaged.

Scenic rentals

A small team at work may be interested in renting a cabin or house at a scenic location in the mountains or on the beach for a weekend. This option provides plenty of chances to find activities in nature or enjoy luxury accommodations with coworkers. Going on a trip with your coworkers can create a sense of excitement and adventure that brings energy to the team.

Happy hour

Many organizations have regular happy hours at local restaurants or bars to encourage employees to bond outside of an office environment. Happy hours are ideal for people who find it difficult to schedule extra time to have fun with coworkers because they are usually close to the office and can last for as short or long as the employee chooses.

Karaoke night

Karaoke nights are a popular work outing because they encourage you to let go of your inhibitions and have fun. People don’t have to be talented singers to focus on the moment and have fun, which can be a great break from a professional environment. Coworkers can bond by cheering for one another or connecting over their favorite songs.


Attending an art-making workshop is a popular option for team outings because it allows employees to do something creative and relaxing as a group. This is an ideal outing because it provides a guided activity that employees can use as a conversation piece that can inspire discussion. It also allows each person to walk away with something they create that has positive memories with coworkers associated with it.

Tourist spots

Visiting tourist spots in your city that you may not have visited alone is a fun way to connect with your coworkers. If you have an interesting cultural market or community event near your workplace, you can arrange to go on a lunch break or after work. These trips can be educational while providing an opportunity for each team member to get to know their community.

Fun team-building outings

Fun team-building outings that promote cooperation and creative thinking among coworkers include:

Escape rooms

Escape rooms are simulated environments that require people to solve various puzzles in order to beat the challenge and unlock their door. They often have creative themes and encourage people to divide tasks and work together to complete a variety of difficult puzzles. Most escape rooms have puzzles that can be solved using several different skills so that every member of your team can contribute.

Scavenger hunts

Creating a scavenger hunt in a fun location can encourage coworkers to work together on teams to accomplish their goal. They can help people learn how to strategize by creating a plan for finding each item or solving each clue. People often bond over solving problems together, so your team at work may benefit from decoding the instructions together.


Volunteering together and working toward a common cause can be a great way to develop teamwork among coworkers. Because volunteer work has a moral benefit and helps your community, your coworkers can work toward a shared purpose that is fulfilling and meaningful. It also requires people to learn the rules and methods of the organization they are volunteering for, which can help develop them as a team.

Field days

A fun option for larger companies is to hold a field day with a barbeque or picnic, crafts, music and classic games. Field days bring a nostalgic quality to company gatherings and provide employees to get to know people on their direct team as well as people who work in other departments. They can also create a feeling of shared success by providing everyone with opportunities to win prizes or awards.

Why are fun work outings beneficial?

Fun work outings provide people with the chance to build a community within their workplace. This can encourage them to stay at a business longer or pursue promotions and create long-standing partnerships with others at work. Businesses that invest in the happiness of their employees by sponsoring fun activities may be able to reduce employee turnover and build a loyal and happy team. In addition to providing regular breaks that encourage employees to remain passionate and energetic at work, team outings build communication and show employees that they are valued.

How to select a work outing

You can choose a fun work outing for your team by using these steps:

1. First, ask your team for feedback

Ask your team what types of activities they enjoy the most in order to pick their next outing. They will likely appreciate that you considered their input when choosing a group activity.

2. Second, review employee schedules

Before choosing an outing, check the schedules of your employees to make sure they are able to attend. When organizing an outing during work hours, avoid overlapping with company meetings or other events that could reduce attendance.

3. Lastly, consider your budget

Pay attention to your budget and make plans around it by deciding if your team would prefer one large event or several smaller events. Finding free activities to do together at a location near the office can be a great option to provide regular outings at a low cost.