Character Traits Employers Want to See at Work

When you’re applying for a job, you can emphasize your character traits to show employers why you are a good fit for the job. You can use your resume to include examples of your character traits that will help you succeed in the role. This article will review some of the character traits employers value so you can focus on the traits most relevant to you.

What types of personal character traits are important to employers?

Personality character traits and values can translate into important soft skills on the job. For example, passion and drive are qualities a candidate can show through consistently setting and achieving goals. Employers usually seek enthusiastic people who can bring the necessary job-related skills along with other soft skills to the workplace.

Here are some common character traits employers look for:


Flexible people know how to shift priorities quickly and get along well with other employees. They are able to adapt and solve problems skillfully and communicate effectively, especially under pressure. If you are flexible by nature, you most likely possess the ability to multitask and a willingness to take on varied roles in service of the company’s long-term goals.


An optimistic attitude with an enthusiastic, energetic and cheerful personality can be an asset to a company. Team members who have a positive attitude help both themselves and their colleagues stay focused and find fresh solutions. Positive people are highly valued by their colleagues who turn to them as a source of support, and by their managers who look to them to help boost morale and keep projects moving forward.


Resourceful people possess the ability to search for the best solutions for a problem. If you are dedicated in your search for the best ways to approach an issue, using every tool available, you can use this soft skill as one of your best attributes.

Cooperative spirit

Those who can successfully cooperate with others are valuable in team dynamics. If you are approachable, calm and have strong communication skills, these traits can help you to be a good team member or leader.


Candidates who have achieved goals and consistently develop their career experience show that they know how to be self-disciplined, which is an attractive trait to employers. Furthermore, if you’re the kind of person who shows good discipline, it indicates that you place a high value on being responsible.


Someone who values integrity will most likely be a truthful and open communicator, which is important for a team’s success. Honest people can save the company time and money by speaking out when a problem arises, which means stakeholders can find the best way forward with speed and efficiency.


Highly organized people know the importance of working smarter versus working harder. Efficiency means communicating more clearly and more often. Efficient people tend to be both determined and articulate—qualities that are in high demand in the workplace. If you are naturally efficient, your ability to be both strategic and decisive can help you with projects that have strict deadlines, high standards and important goals. Efficient people are generally punctual and can provide quick results for their projects, both of which are desirable to employers.


Ambitious people have a desire to succeed and to exceed expectations, so they are rewarded for their competence and performance. If you have a history of success in sports, for example, it will demonstrate to employers a record of determination and passion. This can show employers that you value excellence in your own work.


If you are patient, you will likely be good at explaining things to coworkers and clients. You may often remain relaxed and composed in a crisis, which is a strong leadership ability. People with a strong background of volunteering are likely to display patience. It can signal a person’s inner strength and empathy. These are character traits important to the functioning of a team.


If you are creative, you’re typically curious and an imaginative, independent thinker who can find solutions to complex problems. You may feel invested in your projects because of your creative contributions. This makes for a dynamic team where people can feel excited and proud about the work they perform.

No matter what your background is, you can showcase your unique set of skills and character traits, depending on the core values of the individual company. When there is a match between your character traits and a company’s core values, it can result in a positive hiring decision and a fulfilling career path.