Career Development

Applying for a Manager Position? Here’s What to Do

Whether you are applying for a manager position at a new company or at your current place of employment, your resume is as important as ever. Getting a management position involves more competition than other positions, so paying close attention to what you include in your resume is crucial. Learn about what to include and how to structure your resume when applying for a manager position.

Research the Company

When you are applying for a certain managerial position, it is important to know exactly what the position requires and be able to show in your resume you have all the skills and accomplishments the company is looking for. Resumes aren’t meant to be one-size-fits-all, and the employer will want to see that you have geared your resume toward the exact position you are going for with legitimate accomplishments and experience.

When writing your resume, keep a copy of the job posting nearby so you can word your resume in a way that represents the position well. The more your resume has to do with the job, the more likely it is to get a second look and then an interview. While it may sound obvious, many people forget to pay close attention to the job listing.

Include Relevant Experience

At the top of your resume, it can be beneficial to include a profile statement about why you are the best one for the job and the experience you have that make you the most qualified. The profile statement should only be a few lines maximum.

Even before education, most employers want to see the actual on-the-job experience you have that shows you are the one they should hire. Even if you don’t have Job, interview. CV on the tableactual manager experience or you are just coming out of college, there are many aspects of jobs you have had that can apply to the position.

List the jobs you have had with the most recent one first. Briefly describe your duties at each job and be sure to include the duties that are the most relevant to the job you want.

Highlight Accomplishments

Since a resume should only be 1 page in most cases, you only have so much space to really make yourself stand out among all the other applicants. Think back to all the accomplishments you had at your former jobs and internships, and make sure to highlight your most important ones in ways that relate to what you are applying for.

Showcase Specific Skills

After your job experience and education, your potential employer will want to see specific skills or training you have gone through that would make you right for the job. Be sure to look at the job listing and think back to your specific skills and experiences and how they relate to what they’re looking for. Be clear and concise, but avoid cheesy cliches such as that you’re a real “go-getter.”

Keep It Error-Free

Once your resume is complete, you can’t skip the proofreading! Look it over a few times yourself, then have a trusted friend, family member, teacher, or colleague help you out. The more eyes that see it, the better!