Anthony Valera

31 Hemlock Drive Jim Thorpe PA  18229





In applying for this positon I will be utilizing the knowledge I have acquired through the jobs I have held in the past. I worked in the shipping department for the company I am currently employed by for the past two years as a material handler and forklift operator. Through those positions I have acquired a vast knowledge and basic understanding of every aspect of work in those fields. I have also done work in almost every position there is in the warehouse/factory line of work. Through my experience in those fields I have acquired in-depth and diverse knowledge about general factory work and also warehouse work. I am now currently working with a company in the shipping department and have been employed here for the past two years. I have held the positions as a crane operator and a fork-lift operator. I am also trained in several areas in the food industrial industry such as bakery factories and more. I believe that due to my extensive training I am fully capable to handle the position that is open for the prodution personnel within your company. My extensive experience that I have gained through the positions I have listed will enable me to bring a full range of skills and knowledge to the position for which I am applying.



In applying for this position I hope to further my career by being hired by your company and expand my knowledge of the areas I am already familiar with as well as learn other areas I have not had the opportunity to be trained in yet. If you would please give me the opportunity to gain this position as a prodution personnel person I would like to show you that I am fully able to do the job and would carry out my responsibilities to the best of my ability.

Employment History

February 2011- Current: material handler/forklift and crane operator                                                               

  Insteel, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States                                                                                 Through my time within this company I have had the pleasure of being trained in several different areas in the shipping department. I have become very comfortable within these areas of work. I have mainly worked as a fork-lift/crane operator and a material handler and I am able to perform multiple tasks without any problems or complications.

November 2008– November 2010: Line worker/packer/food handler 
Wonderbread, Queens, New York , United States
Through my time with this company I have gained vast knowledge and experience in the warehouse/factory settings. I have in-depth knowledge and experience with every position there is within these environments. I am familiar with shipping, receiving, line work, food handling and packing jobs as I have held those positions. I have more in-depth knowledge being a line worker, food handler and a fork-lift driver through my time holding these positions. I also became comfortable working with many different types of people with many different personalities.

January 2004– November 2008: Maintenance worker/contractor                                                                               SNL Contractors , Manhattan, New York, United States
Through my time with this company I have gained in-depth knowledge of all areas of maintenance and contracting. I have vast experience in maintenance such as masonry, carpentry, painting, plumbing, general repairs, outside maintenance, demolishion and minimal electrical maintenance repairs. I also gained a lot of knowledge and experience working with many different types of people from holding this position within this company.


June 2003 Stevenson Collins, Bronx, United States, New York
qualification Student, status Graduated, grade 12
I acquired my diploma in 2003.

August 2003 - August 2004 Apex Technical School Manhattan, New York

Auto Body Technician Got Certification Graduated in August of 2004

Interpersonal Skills

Over the course of my career, I have gained important skills in many different jobs within the shipping department, line work and food handling work. In particular the 2 years I worked as a material handler/forklift and crane operator while being employed by Insteel Wire Products and the two years being employed as a food handler/line worker for Wonderbread. I gained experience in every area of the shipping department and in the food industry prodution field as well as communication skills and the knowledge and confidence to work with many different kinds of people. I have gained important skills in every position available in that field of work. I am already trained to do many things and I am very eager to learn many more areas. Through the positions I have held in the past I believe the experience I have gained will contribute substantially to my ability to excel in the present position.


During my time away from work, I enjoy staying active while doing such things as playing sports and weightlifting. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and son, going to the movies and taking nature walks.

Additional Comments:

I am a very hardworking individual and would really like the chance to prove that to you by being offered the shipping position or line worker/food handler within your company. I have a very vast knowledge of all areas of work within the shipping department and food handling/line work and have a great track record of perfect attendance since I have been hired at Insteel Wire Products. I have not missed a day of work in the two years I have been employed there, which I feel shows the hardwork and dedication I put into my work everyday. I would like to have the oppurtunity to do that for your company as well.