How Social Media Changes the Way We Show off Our Resumes

We have certainly come a long way from the time of a basic letter of recommendation to the very detailed and sophisticated resumes of today. In the past, a simple letter from a previous employer may have been enough to get you a job, but resumes should now have several years of work history, your specific responsibilities in each position, your skills, accomplishments, etc. Since the invention of the Internet, our resumes can do most of the talking for us if we just know how to show them off effectively.

Job boards have been some of the most frequently visited websites on the Internet, and they are a great way to get your resume out there. However, social media networks have changed the landscape once again and can influence how future employers perceive our abilities.

Connecting and Promoting

The great thing about social media is the instant information we can submit and receive. You can build a resume online for free and upload it to any company or job database. You can find resources with helpful advice or watch online tutorials for content and formatting. This is all just a start as there are still a lot of other options out there to help you be proactive through social media about your job prospects.

Social networking has opened up a lot of avenues for job seekers. Now, it’s not just about blindly sending out countless resumes. It’s about making honest connections with people who can help you get that dream job. It’s about learning something about your potential employer and tailoring your resume to meet their expectations. .There is a certain etiquette to this, however, because you don’t want to be “that person” who continually asks for references and recommendations. If you’re active and efficient on social networks though, you can increase your chances of landing a job.

Honesty Trumps Persuasion

Employers are looking for the right people to fill needed positions just as much as you are seeking that perfect job. What do you want them to see and know about you How will you be perceived? The things you publish on any public social media site may be visible to your future employers, so make sure you understand how your behavior can impact your online image.  Employers can feel and sense sincerity through your social profiles and in your resume.  Make sure both have a genuine tone and feel.

If you already have a job, do not publicly badmouth it, even if it’s a simple statement about your displeasure with having to work on Saturday. A future employer can rave about your resume but overlook you because of your attitude about your current job. Be positive online and the jobs may come to you.

Create a professional profile on any social media site and be honest about it. Include as much pertinent information as possible about any college degrees you’ve earned, sales quotas smashed, or awards presented. There’s no harm in uploading a few pictures either as long as they are work related. Job seekers should be recommended by fellow co-workers on online profiles as well. This is what recruiters are looking for, a knowledgeable candidate that works well with others.

Feel free to include a link to your social profiles, but only if you are completely confident that the things you’ve posted there will reflect well on your abilities as an employee.

Join the Conversation

LinkedIn is well known as the social media network for professionals, but it’s not the only place you can go to get a lead on a great job. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ also offer effective ways to connect with job opportunities. Start by putting the word out to your contacts to see what they know, and start connecting with employers and companies that interest you. Make it easy for them to see your resume and your skills through your social profile.

When you join the conversation, you may find people who can share tips on developing your resume to impress the HR department in their company, and they may even be able to share some resume examples with you. You will also be in a position to react immediately if you hear about an opening, even if all you can do at the time is send them a link to your Facebook page. Once you’ve made that connection, though, they’ll be more likely to pay more attention to your resume.

The jobs are out there, but you have to be proactive every day scanning social media sites for job openings. There are many companies that use social media to promote their products and services. They could also post a job offer or call for resumes, so be ready to show off. Keep in mind that there are millions of resumes online today, so make sure yours is seen by using as many social media options as possible.

Lannette Price

Lannette Price is a senior consultant at where she helps users build and edit their resumes online. Lannette enjoys helping job seekers perfect their resumes and find their dream job.

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