Creating a Personal Brand to Land Your Next Great Job

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, author, or floral designer, you need to establish a brand for yourself. You need people to understand the product you have to offer and what makes you different from the rest of the competition. When you’re looking for a job, it is important to understand that the same principles apply. Only now you are the product, and you need to make sure you market your skills and abilities correctly and establish your own personal brand.

In a corporate sense, a brand is something that establishes your presence. It’s the tone and voice that people expect every time they work with you. It is possible to brand yourself when applying for a job so that potential employers know what to expect even before they ever meet you.

Online Presence

It’s important to make yourself look good on paper, but it’s also important to make yourself look good online. Let the Internet work for you. Create a professional website or blog that offers quality, professional information. This doesn’t mean you have to be dry and boring about it, but you should avoid any posts that present you in a less than flattering way. Show off your personality, let them see something about you, but be aware that any opinionated pieces or controversial writing may not serve you well. Unless, of course, those opinions are right in line with your future company.

Join a community of bloggers or virtual network of professionals that share your goals. You might also list you site on free local business directories if most of your content relates to that industry. Offering new content, questions, and statistics in your chosen field will show potential employers how dedicated you are and how you already have a strong understanding of the market.

Social Media

Use all the available social networks to continue developing your personal brand. This is a great way to establish yourself in a community of professionals and discover new job opportunities as well. Create conversation and keep talking about your brand. This isn’t a time to be narcissistic and just talk about yourself though. While it’s okay to emphasize why potential employers would want to hire you, your brand will be better served by simply contributing quality content to the community.

Keep an active profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and especially LinkedIn. Companies like to scout out potential employees and are curious about what you can offer. Again, it’s okay to post things that reflect your personality, just be aware that your future employers may be watching, and may interpret it in a way you didn’t intend.

Find New Opportunities

Your brand doesn’t mean much if it isn’t seen. Find ways to generate new opportunities to get involved in the community and establish yourself as a competent, skilled, and important participant. Be available to anyone who has questions and respond quickly to job interviews and other requests. As for referrals, write articles for other blogs and websites, and present yourself as a valuable professional.

Expand Your Reach

Developing your own personal brand involves reaching out to new people and companies and always presenting yourself in the best light possible. There are a lot of people out there competing for the same jobs, but if your brand and reputation precedes you, the chances of getting an interview with the best companies will increase significantly.

Keep an Updated Resume

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to keep an updated resume at all times. This way, should the need ever arise, you are able to quickly send out your resume and be ahead of the game. Being prepared is a good habit that will help you succeed in all things, including branding yourself. Please feel free to use our great free resume builder to update your old outdated resume.

Lannette Price

Lannette Price is a senior consultant at where she helps users build and edit their resumes online. Lannette enjoys helping job seekers perfect their resumes and find their dream job.

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