How to Land the Job

So many of us are tired of working dead-end job after dead-end job. We want opportunity for growth in an environment that is intriguing, where we truly look forward to going into work e every day. Having job experience is no longer enough to land the job you want. In today’s economy, there is stiff competition and it is up to you to make sure you stand out to prospective employers.  Unfortunately, there are some key mistakes that can cost you your dream job that you may not even be aware you are making. If you want to land that dream job, here are a few things to keep in mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Tips to End a Job Interview Well

Job interviews can be daunting no matter your age or experience. Sitting across from your potential new boss as they evaluate your compatibility with the company and capability at the job is a nerve racking experience. However, regardless of how much you might dislike the process, interviews are a necessary part of life. The only way to improve and become more comfortable in an interview is by interviewing more and knowing the necessary tools to succeed. I find that the beginning of an interview typically goes fairly smooth, however there is a point towards the end that we all can stumble over our words and jeopardize the job opportunity. Try these suggestions to end your interview well and leave a good impression with your interviewer.
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Get the Job You Want without Losing the One You Have

While it is not uncommon for employees to search for a new career path when they hold a current job, there can be certain challenges that can crop up with this type of job search. If it becomes apparent to your supervisors that you are looking for employment elsewhere it can backfire and possibly lead to your dismissal. The job you have may not be ideal, but it is important to continue to impress your employer to avoid losing your job before you are prepared to replace it. However, the best time to test the job market is when you have a position to fall back on. Make sure that your search is both courteous and discreet by keeping the following tips in mind.
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Questions NOT to Ask in a Job Interview

Asking questions during a job interview demonstrates your knowledge and interest in the position and can also help you determine if the company is a good fit for you. However, they will only benefit you if they are the right questions. While it is expected that you will ask about certain topics during your interview, asking bad questions can be worse than asking none at all. Take some time to prepare appropriate ideas before your interview to avoid some common mistakes in this area. Consider the following to be a guide for questions to leave out of your future interviews.
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33 of the Funniest Resume Mistakes in 2013

Typos and bad jokes found in resumes are not as rare as you might think. With a resume quite possibly being the most important document you’ll ever have to write, how do you miss something like spelling ‘deetail-oriented’ wrong? For many it’s simply a lack of that very thing, attention to detail. For others, the stress and anxiety that comes from looking for a job, or changing careers, proves to be too much for their editing mind. You might be so concerned about getting a job, you overlook common mistakes you would never miss otherwise.
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