• Job Field: accounting, banking, administrative
  • Years of Experience: 0 Years
  • I am interested In: Full time
  • I’m currently: Looking for work
  • Willing to Relocate: No
  • Willing to Travel: Once a month
  • Highest Education: Bachelor's
  • Current Career Level: Entry Level

Angela M. Carballo


In applying for his position, I will be utilizing knowledge I acquired through my bachelors degree in Management Accounting and skills that I developed through my accounting related job training.


I hope to further develop my accounting skills by getting more exposed to activities related to accounting and other banking or administrative activities. Trough the development of these skills, I will be able to contribute in fulfilling the company's objectives.


Saint Louis University
Saint Louis University, Baguio City, 2200, Philippines
Graduated: March 2013
In addition to the job training I acquired, I also completed a Bachelor's Degree in Management Accounting. Over the course of my education, I had opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in different fields of accounting such as auditing and government accounting as well as in financial management and marketing management.

Employment History

November 2012 – February 2013: On the Job Trainee
Company: Comission on Audit
Baguio City, 2200, Philippines
During my on the job training, I was able to assigned as a staff of the state auditor. My duties are to assist in the post audit of vouchers and cash examination, examine bank reconciliation statements and other administrative works.

Professional Skills

Accounting – Intermediate

Management/Administrative – Intermediate

English Proficiency – Intermediate

MS office – Advanced

Hobbies & Interests

I am interested in reading self help and self motivational books and any other books that will contribute to my knowledge as a professional. I also enjoy trying new experiences while being involve in a group as well as team related adventures such as travelling.


May 2012: Civil Service Eligibility- Professional
Organization: Civil Service Comission
Quezon City, 2200, Philippines