Kimbra Saville


I am a hands-on learner, but I learn fast, very creative and always can come up with creative ideas that would help and benefit others, very customer focus, flexible schedule, always listening, organized and always positive.


Getting this job, I want to expand my job experience that will help me in the future and help me find a stable job with good source of income.


Calvery Chapel High School, Downey, California

High School Diploma, Graduated June 2012

Employment History

Spirit Halloween, Cerritos, California

Sales Associate, September 2012 – November 2012

I started this job on September 9th, and the first thing they had me do was stocking and building the inside of the store, after a week or so, i worked on the Cash register, dressing rooms and the sales floor, helping customers find the things they needed. Sometimes when i worked in the evenings, I worked, cleaning up the store and making sure everything was in the right place so the store would be ready for the next day and wouldn't be a hassle for the employers opening the next morning.

Professional Skills

Sales Associate: Intermediate
Dressing Rooms: Intermediate
Cash Register: Intermediate
Stocking: Intermediate
Clean Up: Intermediate

Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies include art. My interests are helping people.